Encourage devotion aspiration, noble life meaning and eradicate individualism among present Vietnamese youth

Member of the Party Central Committee, First Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee
Friday, September 16, 2022 10:15

Communist Review - President Ho Chi Minh repeatedly highlighted the youth’s vital part in national destiny. Accordingly, "the prosperity or poverty, weakness or power of a country are largely attributed to the youth"(1). At any stage of the revolution, under any circumstance, Vietnamese youth spare no efforts to fulfill their historical mission.

Politburo Member, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc meeting cadres of different periods and those receiving Ly Tu Trong Award in 2021 on the 90th foundation anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (March 26, 1931 - March 26, 2021) on March 22, 2021 _Photo: VNA

Communicating the "image" of an exemplary young person

Following national tradition, Vietnamese youth have made significant contributions to national construction and defense. Millions of young people are setting their heart on working and enriching the society, their lives and their families’. Day and night, youthful members of armed forces overcome all the obstacles to safeguard the borders and islands, thus maintaining national peace. Young intellectuals and students are passionately learning, researching, and accumulating knowledge to find good jobs and express themselves. Various students have had important victories in global intellectual arenas, glorifying their Fatherland.

The COVID-19 pandemic has witnessed young people enthusiastically participate in epidemic prevention and control. They are young doctors, nurses, officers and soldiers who are on the front lines to fight the epidemic and work in quarantined zones, epidemic prevention and control checkpoints. They help transport goods, vaccinate, sell agricultural products and support families affected by the pandemic. Moreover, they come up with products to prevent and control the pandemic. They have shown creativity and strong aspiration in fulfilling assigned tasks.

The answer to the question "what are the aspiration and life purpose of present Vietnamese youth?" is visible in their daily actions: the devotion to national development. Their aspiration, which stems from thousand years of national history, is to build a rich and powerful country.

However, shortcomings and individualism are visible among the youth. President Ho Chi Minh pointed out: “Individualism is opposite to revolutionary morality. If individualism remains, however little, in one’s mind, it is waiting for an opportunity to develop, overweight revolutionary morality and prevent the person from whole-heartedly fighting for the revolutionary cause. Individualism is cunning and crafty; it cleverly lures people downhill. As a matter of fact, going downhill is easier than going uphill. Therefore, individualism is extremely dangerous”(2).

Accordingly, it is visible that some present young people have a big “ego”. They love pleasure but dislike work and prioritize personal interests over national interests. They are irresponsible and indifferent to collective tasks. Their other shortcomings are a lack of aspiration, individualism, words going without actions, violation of HCYU discipline and State law. Individualism is the culprit of serious diseases, as General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said: "The deterioration in political thought, morality, and lifestyle is just a step away from "self-evolution" and "self-transformation";  a single slip is of unpredictable danger, which can lead to cooperation with the force of evil, enemies, opportunists and betrayal of Party and national ideals and revolutionary cause”(3).

To build a strong, prosperous and happy Viet Nam, a big dream is needed. It is the aspiration to develop the country comparable to global great powers. Specifically, "by 2025, at the 50th reunification day: Viet Nam will have been a developing country with modern industry and income level surpassing the low-middle group. By 2030, at the 100th foundation anniversary of the Party: Viet Nam will have been a developing country with modern industry and high middle income. By 2045, at the 100th foundation anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam, now the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam: Viet Nam will have been a developed country with high income”(4).

To this end, the country needs people of great morality and talent. Conclusion No. 21-KL/TW on October 25, 2021 of the 4th Plenum of the 13th Central Committee “on accelerating the construction and rectification of the Party and the political system; resolutely preventing, strictly punishing cadres and party members degrading in political ideology, morality, and lifestyle, showing "self-evolution", "self-transformation", with many noticeable points, timely supplemented and clarified the symptoms of deterioration in political thought, morality, lifestyle, "self-evolution", "self-transformation" and "negativity".  The conclusion also listed the solutions to train leaders and cadres at all levels, especially strategic ones to be qualified, competent and reputable, meeting the demands of missions. Another solution is to resolutely and persistently fight against corruption and negativity, and strictly punish violators.

Conclusion No. 21-KL/TW set new and higher requirements for the whole political system, including the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU). For example, resolution No. 25-NQ/TW on July 25, 2008 of the 10th Party Central Committee "on increasing Party leadership in youth affairs in the period of accelerated industrialization and modernization" stated: "Building a strong HCYU is building the Party in advance". However, the new conclusion pointed out that building a strong HCYU is building the Party and the political system in advance.

The HCYU is a reliable reserve force of the Party. Therefore, the prevention of the afore-mentioned deterioration must be carried out in advance, beginning with the HCYU and young party members, with the focus on eradicating individualism, fostering revolutionary morality, collectivism, solidarity, organization and discipline among HCYU members.

Fighting against individualism is not "getting rid of individual benefits"; otherwise, young people should balance between personal and collective benefits. If personal benefits conflict with collective ones, in line with revolutionary morality, a person has to scarify his or her own benefits. All organizations and forces should join hand to educate the youth about this important idea, in terms of morality and lifestyle, to form the good traits of new socialists.

Some key solutions to arouse the devotion aspiration, foster and put into practice the noble life reason of the youth in the future

Firstly, enhance the political and voluntary nature of the HCYU members; early and remotely prevent signs of deterioration in political ideology, morality, lifestyle, "self-evolution" and "self-transformation". The Secretariat of HCYU Central Committee started a political event inside the HCYU themed "Dedication aspiration, youth life reason", which lasts until 2026. The event includes vital education of the youth’s revolutionary ideals, morality and cultural lifestyle in line with president Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style. The event is aiming at HCYU members harmonizing their personal interests with national ones; thereby, accumulating a great strength to develop the country.

Secondly, persistently and constantly innovate the contents and methods of education for young people, especially in terms of ideals, revolutionary morality, cultural lifestyle and good traditions values.

Education activities should be timely updated against the backdrop of the fourth Industrial revolution and rapidly evolving young people. Information technology, the Internet and social networks should be mobilized to orient and educate the youth. Besides, the HCYU should continue to consider revolutionary action movements a central and highly effective method of education.

To be more specific, continuously, extensively and creatively organize Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's thought Olympiads and competitions at all levels (5). Enhance the study and following of Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style. Consider it the most important measure to build a politically and ideologically strong HCYU(6). Improve the quality and quantity of members. Add, update and perfect contents, tools, and methods of political theory lectures for the HCYU members. Strictly practice the routine of political theory learning (7) with a focus on revolutionary ideals, political awareness, morality, lifestyle, manners and eradication of deterioration in political thought, morality, style, "self-evolving", "self-transforming" via  "Member training"(8). Each member should regularly strengthen the revolutionary morality, humility, progressiveness, responsibility, bravery, benevolence and commitment to families and the country.

Thirdly, raise the quality of the HCYU cadres at all levels. HCYU cadres should be studious and progressive and always improve their political quality, morality, lifestyle and competencies in order to be the youth’s close friend. Moreover, they should never be arrogant, separated from the youth and practical activities, as well as degrading in terms of political ideology, morality and lifestyle.

To meet the country’s developmental requirements, HCYU cadres must be pioneering, innovative, decisive, clever, dynamic, creative and ready to sacrifice the “ego” for the sake of common interests. A true cadre prioritizes benefits of the nation, Party and HCYU over personal ones(9). Besides, inefficient, incompetent cadres of low morality who regularly fail to fulfil their tasks are to be replaced. Furthermore, manners and working style of cadres should be well-trained in line with their responsibility as role models.

Role models of cadres, especially leaders, are prerequisites to foster, disseminate revolutionary morality, and eradicate individualism among the youth. Senior cadres are brilliant examples for junior ones, who, in turns, set great examples for HCYU members(10),  who are role models for smaller youngsters. This is the "top-down", "inside out" viewpoint in accordance with General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’ direction: "Supporting every decision", "Thousand responses for one call", "Unanimity at all levels" and "Unity for all".

Fourthly, enhance inspection, supervision and discipline inside the HCYU; actively participate in supervision and social criticism. Promote the role of the Executive Committee, the Central Standing Committee of the HCYU, leaders of HCYU at all levels in the HCYU’s inspection, supervision and discipline. Supervise the Party, State agencies, cadres and civil servants in accordance with regulations.

Specifically, develop a mechanism for the HCYU and its members to supervise Party members in line with Party's regulations and guidance of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front. While supervising, absolutely obey the leadership of the Party, promote the role of the HCYU, its members and other youngsters in supervising the moral and lifestyle cultivation and training of leaders, key cadres, cadres and Party members. Comment on draft guidelines, policies, schemes and documents of the Party and State relating to the youth. Oversee and accelerate the implementation of recommendations and conclusions after inspection and supervision. Strictly and timely punish violations of Party's regulations, State's laws and HCYU's Charter, HCYU’s cadres and members degrading in political ideology, morality, and lifestyle, showing evidence of “self-evolving" and "self-transforming". Regularly accelerate, inspect and supervise the implementation of Conclusion No. 21-KL/TW inside HCYU.

Fifthly, promote the role of the HCYU in building and protecting the Party and the political system. Improve quantity and quality of elite HCYU members introduced to the Party; effectively launch the campaign "HCYU members strive to become members of the Communist Party of Viet Nam" under new circumstances(11). Train and foster promising young cadres, especially those who work decisively for common interest and are capable of working in an international environment; thereby, having a source of high-quality young cadres to introduce to Party committees, authorities and socio-political organizations at all levels(12). Advise Party committees to send young competent cadres from the Party, government, the Vietnamese Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations to work in the HCYU. Advise the Party and State to adopt guidelines and policies benefitting the youth. Advising on reviewing 15 years implementing Resolution No. 25-NQ/TW adopted on July 25, 2008 of the 10th Party Central Committee. Advise the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee on promulgating the supplemented and amended Regulations on HCYU’s cadres and its direction.

The youth represents the future. A good future can only be built with young people’s efforts. As the country’s future owners, the youth should try their best to strengthen their morality, broaden their knowledge, pioneer in national construction and renovation. HCYU cadres, members and youngsters all over the nation unify to implement the Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the 12th and 13th Party Central Committee, Conclusion No. 21-KL/TW, determinedly and resolutely fight against individualism, prevent the deterioration in political ideology, morality, lifestyle and evidence of "self-evolution", "self-transformation"; arouse the devotion aspiration and noble life reason to spread and connect national and international youth energy. They will greatly contribute to the construction of a rich, strong, prosperous and happy country as President Ho Chi Minh expected.


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(5) Over the past years, the HCYU has organized contests about Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's thought, Party's guidelines and policy lines, State’s policies and laws on online platform, including the recent app "Vietnamese Youth", which has attracted a large number of HCYU members and youngsters. Among them are the contest on Marxism – Leninism and Ho Chi Minh's thought "The light illuminates the road", the contest on 90 years history of Communist Party of Viet Nam, the contest on 90 years history of the HCYU, the contest on "Uncle Ho and children, children with Uncle Ho" with nearly 900.000, 691.356, over 3.7 million; more than 4 million participants, respectively.

(6) The Secretariat of HCYU Central Committee adopt guidelines and choose annual topics for HCYU cadres and youngsters. There have been 156,691 advanced young people following Uncle Ho's advice, 8.401.131 Uncle Ho's Good Grandsons during the past 5 years.|

(7) The Central Committee of the HCYU build an electronic portal for members to learn political theory at http://hoclyluan.doanthanhnien.vn; thus, members can find information, study and revise on the internet.

(8) The Central Committee of the HCYU introduce the mobile application (App) “Vietnamese Youth” which includes member education, political education, training and membership management.

(9) In 2023, the Central Committee of the HCYU will submit the "Project on renovating the organization and improving operational productivity at all levels" to the Politburo and the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee. The project focuses on ways to make cadres qualified, competent and able to meet new requirements.

(10) The review of Directive No. 01-CT/TWDTN on May 17, 2013 of the Standing Committee of the HCYU Central Committee on "Enhance cadres’ manner and working style training" regulates 8 things cadres should do and 8 things cadres should not do, issues new directives and regulations upholding the role model of cadres and children’s guide in the HCYU and Ho Chi Minh’s pioneers’ organization.

(11) Between 2017 and 2021, the HCYU introduced 815,209 elite members to the Party, of which 425,133 was selected. The rate of Party members chosen from elite HCYU members since 2010 has remained stable at 70%.

(12) During the 12th Party Congress tenure, the total of HCYU cadres at all levels introduced to Party committees was 12.151 people, among which 11.378 were elected to Party committees (accounting for 93.6%). In the HCYU, there were 17, 112, 917 and 14,856 members selected to be National Assembly representatives; provincial People's Council members; district-level and commune-level People's committee members, respectively./.

This article was published in the Communist Review No. 986 (March 2022)